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I’m Terri of Terri Calla Photography. A little about me, I’m married to a hot DJ. We have three kiddos, Gracie, Tony, and Callie Jo. My passion for photography became a part of me the moment my Gram gifted a canon camera to me for my high school graduation. I have been capturing my view of our world ever since. I love seeing the true way someone looks in a photograph. The look only those closest to them get to see. I love capturing all the perfect moments in our family’s imperfect lives. My favorite shots are the happy accidents, the shot of a glance or a smile that reminds mom and dad of when they were little. When a couple just for a moment forgets I’m there and really sees one another. I love sharing silly giggles with my families young and older. We always leave with some funny story of something that happened. I believe we are all gifted with a beauty and grace that should be captured in a moment to be cherished for all time.

Thank you to Rachel Spears (aka #1 friend and wedding, boudoir photographer in Ohio) for the headshots.

Light photo was in Cape Elizabeth, Maine taken by bestie Matty

Kids photo was taken on the Big Island in Hawaii (side note: right after I snapped this photo Tony dropped his shaved ice! The girls shared theirs!)