Mother's Day.

To my mamas out there.

I am the very first one to admit most days I feel like a complete failure at this job. I know we all have days we don’t want to remember.  I have two teenagers and a tween. The baby days were so easy compared to this. I fall into bed just about every night praying I haven’t done any permeant damage to them. I wish I could start over all the time. Get a redo. I hope, my prayer is when they look back and remember they see I was always trying, and I was there. I did my best on most days and the days they didn’t get my best they had all I had to offer. Being the one with the camera means I’m most of the time not in the photos. It is what it is. When they see images I want them to see a mom that loved them with all she had in her. I love capturing their life through my eyes. I hope this is what they see. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mamas doing their very best…

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Terri Calla