Stone Family.

Our family has known Ashley and David Stone for fourteen years. We met attending church together in Hamilton. After we had Callie Jo Ashley would wait at the door for us to pull in the parking lot. She would unbuckle Callie Jo from her pumpkin seat and hold her through the entire church service. Ashley and David both have been Big Calla Heart runners for several years now.

I’ve been watching through my lens as they’ve grown a family all their own. I’ve taken family photos, pregnancy announcement photos, belly photos, and giving birth photos for them for years. When Ashley popped into my queue I couldn’t wait for their session to get here. She text me and said “You’re going to have your work cut out for you-getting all four of them looking and smiling at the camera is nearly impossible.”  I replied “Challenge accepted!.

Carter, Ava, Annie, and the little English rose Charley did a wonderful job. Mom and Dad did pretty good too.

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Terri Calla