Schauseil Family.

I’m typing this on a Friday night in June knowing when it finally posts it will be mid-July. By this time my family and I will have closed on our house on Headgates Rd. We bought this home 8 years ago thinking it would be our forever home. God clearly had a different plan for us. We are now headed to New England to begin this new adventure on Cape. Leaving two of my best friends Matt and Lisa is one of the hardest parts of this venture. They accompanied our family to Cape this past springbreak and stayed with us at our new house. It was so nice having them there. Very quickly we all found our favorite hang out spots. Sitting by the fire, talking around the island in our new kitchen, seeing Matty curl up on the living room couch and Lisa cozy in a corner reading. It felt like home there too which was nice for all of us. We had a blast showing them some of the new area we will now be calling home. I am going to miss meeting up a Jungle Jim’s on a random weeknight for a quick drink. Hanging out in our basement and spontaneous trips to Mackenzie or Coco’s just to see each other for an hour. I’ve now taken all three of their beautiful children’s senior photos among many others.

I found a key chain that said “good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are there”-Anonymous

I love each and every one of you my dear sweet fun crazy Schauseil Family. You have captured a piece of my heart which will forever be yours. You’ll always have a second home in New England.

i love you,                                                                                                        your favorite photographer

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Terri Calla